Hands-On Sharpening and Instrumentation

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Hands-On Sharpening and Instrumentation
Date: Fri, Nov 23, 2012
Time: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Place: Insurance Institute
300-1335 Carling Avenue Ottawa, ON
Presenter: Chrissy Farrell RDH co-sponsored by Hu Friedy


 Using the “IT’S ABOUT TIME” program, learn to hand sharpen with a ceramic stone

  • Choices for routine maintenance sharpening of scalers and curettes
  • What’s new with instrumentation
  • Strategies to assist you in obtaining the necessary instrumentation that you need to practice efficiently

 Should I probe, scale and/or ultrasonic around an implant? How do I recognize implant health versus disease? Can I treat the infection or should the patient be referred to a specialist? These are just a few of the questions you may have regarding dental implants. This course emphasizes the proper maintenance of implants and the products specifically designed for dental implant care by both the dental professional and the patient.

Recent scientific evidence on plaque biofilms is impacting the prevention and treatment of peri-implant diseases. While newer dental implant systems have overcome many factors that contributed to past implant failures, complications still exist. Etiological factors contributing to implant failure and current treatment interventions relating to dental implants will be discussed. This information will promote a better collaboration of the dental professional and the patient, which will ensure long-term success of the dental implant.

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 Chrissy Farrell RDH has had the pleasure and opportunity of experiencing a multifaceted Dental Hygiene career. Her 18 years of clinical practice has been complimented by Practice Management Coaching, and product knowledge education of Dental Professional’s for industry events. As a Dental Hygiene Educator she has provided Clinical Instruction for DH students, as well as teaching multiple didactic courses including Periodontics and Pharmacology. Chrissy has furthered her own career by receiving a certificate in Adult education and is now working toward her degree in Adult Education. As founder of “RDH Performance” her mission is to inspire dental hygiene teams to provide the highest quality of client care through current research and evidence based practice.


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