A Community Approach to Oral and Overall Health-Symposium

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A Community Approach to Oral and Overall Health-Symposium
Date: Fri, Feb 19, 2016
Time: 8:00 am - 1:00 pm
Place: Henry Schein Canada-Ottawa Branch Office
Suite 110-30 Edgewater Street Ottawa, ON
Presenter: Janet Nevala, Dave Bard, Natalie Martin

8:30AM    Welcome-Study Club News

8:15AM    Video

9:30AM    Smoking Cessation; MY QUIT and Patient Referral Process Explained

Janet Nevala,RN Senior Coordinator, East Region, Smokers’ Helpline, Canadian Cancer Society, has 25 years’ experience in public health at all levels of government including international missions. Her public health nursing career in Ottawa led to secondments with Health Canada in reproductive health and to coordinating a provincial tobacco resource centre for 12 years. Janet owns a health consultancy business.

11:15AM   Ottawa Public Health-Support and In-service Training Explained-Dave Bard

11:30AM  lunch break

12PM       Know, Understand, Act

This presentation pinpoints and describes all the health factors and behaviours that can increase the risk for cardiovascular disease. With this knowledge and understanding, we are better able to take preventive action against cardiovascular disease in our own lives. We therefore live longer; experience dramatic reductions in our lifetime risk for cardiovascular events, such as heart attack or stroke; and enjoy a better quality of life.

Following the presentation, the audience will:
• Identify cardiovascular disease risk factors;
• Understand the targets for each risk factor, and;
• Identify practical steps toward to improving cardiovascular health.

Natalie Martin is a facilitator with the Prevention and Wellness Centre. She has been with the University of Ottawa Heart Institute since 2013, initially she worked as a Facilitator with the Healthy Schools 2020 Program. As a facilitator with the Prevention and Wellness Center, Natalie provides one-on-one counseling to individuals in the CardioPrevent clinical program, and is involved with the planning and implementation of the program. CardioPrevent provides referred patients with a personalized lifestyle intervention, to lower their cardiovascular disease risk, through behavioural counseling.

1PM HEART HEALTH RISK ASSESSMENT FOR OUR MEMBERS from Clinical Team at Ottawa Heart Institute
Register for this portion of the program at: Heart Health Risk Assessment


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